Monday, January 3, 2011

Tripp and Finn in the Kitchen: Gluten Free Brunch- Frittatta and Green Beans

Sunday is a big day for us to hang with family and friends.  This Sunday we made a household favorite when I was growing up- frittata.  Or as we called it at my house fretta.  The fun thing about frittatta is you can add whatever you want- traditionally at my house- we had sausage, peppers, potatoes, and mushrooms.  At my favorite diner, they have sausage, peppers, onions, mushrooms, broccoli, pepperoni, potatoes and mozzarella cheese.  Any way you make it, you can't go wrong- guaranteed delicious!  For our veggies, we  made green yellow and green beans instead of traditional salad today.

So here we go:

Ingredients- this serves 8-10

6 potatoes
6 links Chicken Sausage
1 bunch Fresh Broccoli
2 Green Peppers
2 Small Onions
8 Oz Bacon
Mozzarella Cheese
24 Eggs
1/4 cup Olive Oil
4 Tspns Fresh Minced Garlic
salt and pepper 1/4 tspn each
1 tbsn Fresh Parsley

Green beans:
3 lbs Fresh Cleaned Green beans
1 28oz can crushed tomatoes with basil
1/4 cup Olive Oil
3 tspn garlic
1/8 tspn salt
1 tbsn fresh parsley

Moms Jobs:
Chop vegetables or put in food processor or bullet slicer and little ones can push button
6 Potatoes
2 Green peppers
2 Small Onions
Fry (I like to use my family size electric skillet for this)
Olive oil, garlic, onions until softened, add sliced chicken sausage links, broccoli.
In meantime, in larger fry pan- fry 8oz bacon crumble and then add to frittata
Wipe out pan and add green beans, olive oil, garlic, sprinkle parsley and crushed tomatoes on top- cover and heat on medium for 10-15 minutes until beans are still a little crunchy. Lower heat or take of heat and let sit.
Get back to Frittatta and boys are ready to help...

Tripp and Finn Jobs:
Break eggs and whisk
Add salt and pepper, and sprinkle parsley
Add eggs to frittata mixture.
Cook eggs  and if you have cheese lovers add mozzarella cheese or you can do what we do and do halfsies...half cheese and half not- the boys are not huge fans of cheese.

This is sure to be a crowd pleaser...

Until Next Time...

Mom, Tripp and Finn

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